Wellness For All

About Us

Shakuntal Mukund is a India based company with a variety of herbal products for health. We follow the basic concept of indian aayurved to develop our herbal products. We work with the ideology of “Wellness for All” and We are committed to serve quality products for the healthy globe.

We are providing Herbal Products related to General Health and Daily Utility in “Pure and Pious” form. ‘Pure’ means the raw material like amla, ashwgandha, satavari, musli and other herbs that we use in our products we get them directly by forests in raw form. ‘Pious’ means the process we adapting to develop the product is always according to aayurvedic rules and regulations and we no flavor, no color no thickening agents etc. We use preservatives at minimum required quantity. We don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners as a base in our syrups. But we use only jaggery as a base for syrups.

We are working toward a authentic aayurved, where you can get fast and safe result from herbal products. Our products are not having any complicated list of ingredient to get you confused but the simple and most effective combination of natural herbs to give you the best results for sure. So keep your metabolism fit n fine with our herbal products.

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